SEO Ranking Factors - Visual Approach

SEO Ranking Factors
Source: SearchEngineLand

 SEO ranking factors are widely discussed in the webmasters world since the birth of search engine optimization in 1997. So what are the most important factors apprized by Google and other Search Engines in the year of 2011?   

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How to SEO – simple and easy!

How to SEO – simple and easy
How To SEO - Simple and Easy
Source: SearchengineLand
This new How to SEO chart could bring a new light on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as an Internet Marketing Technique. Search Engine Optimization Ranking Factors introduced in a form of periodic table of elements by SearchEngineLand is a new revolutionary simplified view on this obviously complicated Internet Marketing Strategy.

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Use templates to build your business WEB Sites.

Designing WEB sites it’s not easy. If you strongly believe in the success of your business idea hire a web designer right away. Anyway, these days, to start and successfully run internet business is very hard and demanding job. It is not very smart to start spending money for Web designers for your first Internet Business project.
Instead you can learn to build simple WEB sites and than you can test your ideas in the real circumstances. Simple WEB site doesn’t mean bad or ugly WEB site.
At the beginning you could try to use Site Builders or Blogs but I strongly suggest you starting learning how to use WEB templates.

Beginners Can Start with Web Site Builders.

Serious online business usually requires a WEB Site. If you don't know anything about WEB Design your can create your WEB site easily with Site Builders. WEB Site Builders are designed to enable companies or individuals to quickly develop Web sites without the need for a developer or a programmer.

There are two types of Site Builders; online and offline. Online Site Builders are much more popular and usually easier to use. Many hosting companies include free online site builders as a part of their hosting offers.

Meet HTML, it doesn't Bite!

Basic Knowledge of HTML is very important if you want to start and run your own Internet Business. Even if you decide to use Site Builders, WEB templates or automated Blog posting, you have to learn how to control and adjust your ads, links or affiliate codes.
What is HTML? HTML is a text file containing markup tags that tell the Web browser how to display the WEB page. At first site it might look complicated but actually it is very simple.

Quick Start 3: Google Arbitrage

Skills needed: HTML Basics
Investment: $5 AdWords signup fee, +Daily Bugged You Set
Revenue: AdSence Ads

The so called Google Arbitrage is the fastest Internet Business Start-Up.
The concept is simple; You buy cheap clicks with Adwords and than you sell clicks at higher price with AdSense.
You have to create at least one HTML page with embedded Google AdSense Ads to generate revenue.

Top 10 Link Building Tips for Beginners

The original purpose of building links was to promote your web site at other sites and bring in visitors. These days only high quality links (Links on visited and related web pages or sites) can bring you targeted visitors.
Another reason for Linking, much more important than the first one, is to build links for search engine purposes. So, if you want to attract visitors from the search engines you must build as many links as possible. However, not every link has search engine value.
Another important thing - If your site is not Indexed by the search engines, do not try to submit it! It doesn’t help! Just build several links, and the job is done.
Link Building is not an easy activity, especially for beginners. Regardless, you have to start somewhere. These tips will help you build initial links and will give you further references.